Doorstep Market

Reach local customers
the easy way.

We help you to
to your local

Goodbye Rip-off fees 👋

Unlike other sites that can charge 30% +, our fees are simple: it's 10% of the order fee.

Want to just list your shop in the directory? Thats free.

Built in customers

Website builders are great at bringing your products to the world... but they don't connect you to customers in your neighbourhood. Customers visit us as they want to know where they can find the best of local. Tap straight into the audience crowdsourced by fellow local sellers.

No inventory upkeep

Stock control is icky. As a SME seller you don't want to have to keep track of sales on multiple websites, and instore sales. Lets face it the supermarkets can't get this right, so why not remove it.

Instead when a customer wants to buy your product you'll get a SMS / email to let you know. If you can do it, accept the order and we'll charge the customer, if not, we won't take any money from the customer.

Easy payment with Stripe

Payment is instantly sent to your Stripe account, where you can choose how often it gets paid into your bank account.

View all transactions in Stripe and connect it to your accounting software of choice. Don't have a Stripe account? Get one for free