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Le Petit Francais

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Le Petit Francais

15-17 Swanfield, Edinburgh EH6 5RX
Opening Hours:
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What do they sell?

Sweet Treats
Savoury bakes


Le Petit Francais

Enjoy a taste of France with our Breads and Pastries. Le Petit Francais started 10 years ago, as after 5 years in Scotland, we missed a good baguette with cheese. So we decided to make our own and supply businesses. It started with 2 bakers and a handfull of customers who were wanting something a bit different and trusted us. More products were added to our offer following our customers demand.Now, we supply a wide range of businesses, from Cafe, to Hotel and Restaurants in Edinburgh.

We work with French Flour and French AOP Butter for our pastries to ensure a good taste. Everything is made to order overnight and delivered in the morning.

Due to the current situation, we are now taking orders for the public. There is a £2 delivery and handling fee as all orders are packed in bags and boxes.Deliveries are between 8am and 3pm


£10 minimum order

We only deliver within Edinburgh City

Due to high number of orders, orders can take up to 2 days to be processed.


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Visit Website0131 629 1181