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We are an Artisan Sourdough Micro-bakery and Fermentation Lab. Our work is focused around baking small batches of bread with a long fermentation period and using local grains and traditional baking techniques. Hail the bread!

In the light of recent developments (COVID-19) we decided to start bread HOME DELIVERY service! Please text/call 078 6600 7915, email or drop us a fb message

According to the government rules/guidelines we can remain open and continue to bake. We feel it's of utmost importance to provide food and good quality bread to the local community at this time, and that we need to do this in the most cautious and safest way possible. One way of making this as safe as possible is by delivering bread/food directly to our customers. All our bread will be delivered by bike, as per usual, all the payments done by bank transfer so that there is no cash handled by customers or us.

*** BREAD SUBSCRIPTION means you can now have affordable fresh sourdough bread delivered to you up to once or twice per week!

HOW IT WORKS: pick any of the following breads to be delivered to you on Tuesday or/and Friday, for the next 4 weeks, so as many breads as you like and as few as 4 breads a month. If you order more than 7 breads in a month, get one bread per month free!


We shall be at Leith Police Box twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday afternoons (exact times tbc) giving out free bread to homeless people and people in need, and discounted bread to NHS workers. If you would like to support this much needed action and buy a bread for a person in need, just drop us a line when you set up your subscription and tell us how many breads you'd like to donate (we will match any donation you make!)

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