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Granton Garden Bakery

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Granton Garden Bakery

73 Boswall Pkwy, Edinburgh EH5 2PW
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What do they sell?

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Granton Garden Bakery

All our regular bread is now sold on a 'pay what you can afford' basis. If you're short of cash, there's still delicious healthy fresh bread available no questions asked. Those who can pay a little more, we encourage you to do so.

What makes us different?

Granton Garden Bakery aims to provide an affordable and accessible source of healthy bread to EH5. All our regular breads are sold on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis.

We aren't set up for profit; any proceeds will go to support the work of Granton Community Gardeners, the charity of which the Bakery is a part.

All our bread is made with three priorities in mind: health, flavour and affordability. It has just 3 ingredients: water, salt, and heritage flour grown locally and organically and stoneground by Scotland the Bread and Gilchesters, organic flour from Mungoswells in East Lothian, or very occasionally flour from our own Granton-grown wheat. We also use ingredients grown in our own gardens for special breads, changing weekly through the growing season. We ferment our bread slowly, making it more tasty and more digestible.

FRIDAY 12-4pm / SAT 9am-12pm (Come to the window at the back of the building on Pilton Drive North)

We are really pleased that so many new people have come to try the bread during the current crisis. It's felt like a silver lining for everyone.

We'll continue to meet demand as it develops, and be part of the effort Granton Community Gardeners and others are making to support people locally. Please support us if you can!

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