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Fruits in the City

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Fruits in the City

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Fruits in the City

Home deliveries are go! Delivering across Edinburgh starting Monday! Fresh fruit, veg and healthy snack boxes 🍉🍆👩🍳🌶


Next day Edinburgh delivery available depending on area (orders required before 1pm)

Why choose Fruits in the City Home Delivery?

Fruits in the City have been successfully delivering fresh fruit boxes and healthy snacks to workplaces all over central Scotland for over 10 years. This includes companies ranging from global financial businesses, to design agencies and new health conscious start-ups. We have decided to take this experience to start delivering fresh fruit and veg boxes and healthy snacks to household across Edinburgh. We will be operating this service under the name Fruits in the City Home Delivery.

We look forward to taking your order and starting to delivery our ‘added goodness’.

We know all about fresh produce deliveries.

We have over 10 years’ experience. We only deal with one or two trusted quality suppliers. We only purchase grade A quality fruit and vegetables. All our fruit and vegetables are hand-selected, and quality checked by our experienced team. Our deliveries are all hand-delivered by our friendly and efficient delivery team. We use eco delivery routes across the city to make sure we keep emissions low. We’re happy to leave deliveries on your doorstep. We make free donations of fruit and vegetables that don’t meet our strict quality controls to our charity partners.

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