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Deanston Bakery

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Deanston Bakery

167 Deanston Dr, Shawlands, Glasgow G41 3LR
Opening Hours:
Revised Hours
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What do they sell?

Oat Milk
Sweet Treats


Deanston Bakery

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Artisan Sourdough bread, Bagels, Cinnamon buns and other bakes are baked fresh every day at Deanston bakery.

We have spent the last week to rethink how we operate , what can we change and how to be there for you in challenging weeks to come .

Changed opening hours: 10am-2pm or sell out. We close on Monday and Sunday.

You will experience the shop differently as we did full change of layout to have everything we sell behind counter. We will operate on minimum hours,  limited offering while we are not a full team . Priority and core of what we do is bread , therefore to maximize oven space there will be minimum of sweet stuff.

We looked into home deliveries but dont have resources so we are encouraging you to shop for vulnerable.  

Along bakes you will find flour ( it's very time consuming packing it but we will do out best to have it every day ) , milk, butter, eggs, local honey,  coffee beans ...

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