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Bross Bagels

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Bross Bagels

165a Bruntsfield Place, EH10 4DG
Opening Hours:
Online Business
Visit Website 0131 629 4150

What do they sell?



Bross Bagels

Montreal inspired BAGELS with New York Deli inspired fillings, and freshly ground coffee to go.

The new normal. Order online // pay to receive collection time between 11am-3pm // send one person from each household to collect with order number // respect the neon pink social distancing queue system // fill your hole!

We missed seeing your wee bagel addicted faces and although we can’t hug you we are filling your bagels with ALL OUR LOVE! Thank so much for your support throughout & for keeping us going.

Freshly baked bagels to your door – whatever you don’t eat; slice & freeze & pop them straight into the toaster whenever you want another one… Bagels for days.

To order, please use the following guidelines:
Monday 7 pm to Tuesday 4 pm for delivery on Thursday (Fife)
Tuesday 7 pm to Wednesday 4 pm for delivery on Friday
Wednesday 7 pm to Thursday 4 pm for delivery on Saturday
Thursday 7 pm to Friday 4 pm for delivery on Sunday
Friday 7 pm to Saturday 4 pm for delivery on Monday (East Lothian)
Saturday 7 pm to Sunday 4 pm for delivery on Tuesday (West Lothian)
Sunday 7 pm to Monday 4 pm for delivery on Wednesday (Midlothian)
We deliver to Edinburgh, Musselburgh and South Queensferry everyday.

Minimum order is £20
We deliver the orders to your door between 10:30 AM and 4:30 PM

Something wrong? Let us know
Visit Website 0131 629 4150