Doorstep Market

The story so far

The Doorstep Market was started in Edinburgh in 2019 as a way to connect local services from independent local sellers in our communities. We joined the RBS Entrepreneur Accelerator in March 2019 and have greaty benifited from the community and learning they provided.

With the start of COVID-19 we openned our services as a volunteer matching service for people in Edinburgh, a huge thanks to all our 120 volunteer drivers who helped us complete food deliveries to vulnerable people! This service is still available in partnership with our friends at

Now with the help from the Geovation team in Edinburgh we can bring you the best of local across the city!.

The mission

Our mission is to be your guide to your local food scene and to support local businesses at this tough time. It's free to add a business to the directory, so feel free to suggest one or upload yourself!
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